domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012


well, it’s been 2 months since i’ve written… and i have less than 2 months to go before my peace corps journey here in Peru comes to an end.  i can hardly believe it.

so, let’s see… last month, i went to Arequipa for a tech exchange for my good friend Tim.

Arequipa - El Misti (the view from the roof of the hostel):

La Catedral de Arequipa - en la Plaza de Armas:

and on the bus ride to Chivay, we saw snow!!!  in the middle of summer!  

Video of the snow:


i was sent to Callalli, Arequipa to train Tim’s artisan group for exporting their products at an international level and facilitated a 2 day workshop to create and implement a quality control system with specific criteria to evaluate the garments at each step of the production process.  the workshops were a success!!!

teaching the workshops:

Tim and his artisans:

it was awesome to get to see Tim, his site, and some of the other volunteer’s sites on that side of the Colca.  

Video of TIM'S HOUSE!!!

in Callalli:
Tim’s house:
Tim con las llamas:

we even had time to hike back to a mummy, about 40 minutes outside of Sibayo (Mario’s site).

hiking into Sibayo:
getting closer to the mummy:
the momia:
2 of Mario’s students:

and about 2 weeks ago, i was in Lima for a week.  first, i had our small business development newsletter meeting - next, as hard as it is to believe, we had our COS (close of service) ceremony and meetings - and lastly, we had our english teaching committee meeting.  i could go on and on about crazy, funny, and emotional stories from each event (obviously and especially from COS), but the pictures can tell the stories for me…

Doing Business Newsletter - the first of many pages:
COS pics - - 
so sadddd - the last time we will all be together like this:

English Teaching Committee meeting - - 
me with Vicky (from the embassy) and her newborn baby:

and then… speaking of new babies... drum roll, please… i was in Piura for Andrew’s baby shower.  that’s right - my dearest little Andrew is gonna have a baby with his lovely Peruvian girlfriend.  and it’s FINALLY out in the open (after having to keep this secret for months and months)!

baby shower pics:

as for life in Catache - things are a’changin…  i have changed host family homes (twice) - and the new family i live with is awesome!  i live with a mother, her husband, and their 3 daughters.  i go running with the 2 oldest girls on the weekends, and teach them all english in the afternoons.  

my new(est) room:

i’ve also been taking care of Carlos’s gallo and gallina - taking the gallo outside in the morning, feeding them and giving them water twice a day, and putting them in the pin together at night.

nuestro gallo:

when i’m not working in the schools - teaching my english or business classes - i’ve been completing the crazy number of close of service reports, surveys, and forms.  i’ve also been preparing for the future - updating and writing different resumes and cover letters.  thinking seriously about moving to Italy, teaching English, and then preparing for the Foreign Service Exam - which would put me in a job working in the US Embassy…  this is the current plan.

i CANNOT believe how quickly the time has flown by!  this chapter of my life is finally coming to end, and dreaming of what’s behind the next door…  all i know is that i’m ready for some quality time with my family and friends - and some delicious american food!